Video Promotion

Video is a great promotional tool for getting your name, face and music out to people all over the country. Not only do we talk to MTV, Fuse, Much Music and VH1 about our clients’ videos, we also reach out to more than 150 national, regional and community video programmers who love to see and play new material for thousands and possibly millions of households.

Video promotion is not limited to the TV set. We market your video to retail video pools which add major label and independent videos to their reels. These reels go out to hundreds of retail chains in thousands of locations across the country. Some of the chains that receive these reels are Sketchers, Vans, Foot Locker, Champs, Macy’s, Sears,  Wet Seal, Nordstrom, Gadzooks, Hard Rock Café, Virgin Megastore, Hastings Music, Musicland/Sam Goody, Mars Music and Tower Records. The next time you go into a store and see monitors playing music videos, know that you could see your own video playing there, too.  Beyond borders, we promote to several popular video streaming sites. We can have your band’s video featured online for streaming and requests on these and other sites.

Duplication and video formats

You have a video produced and you are ready to get it out to the world. First, you need to make sure you have copies of your video on a variety of formats. Not all video programa use the same video format. The most common formats are Mini-DV, ¾” tape, Beta SP, VHS, DVD, and the more rare Super VHS, Digi-Beta and DV-Cam.

We can pair you with duplication companies that have affordable pricing. They can even do the mail out of your video. The duplication company will create copies of the video off of a master copy that you provide. For quality purposes, it is best to have your master copy shot on Digi-Beta, Beta, DV-Cam, 1” tape, or D2 (a high quality, uncompressed digital cassette with a long shelf life. D2 is the format that most major label videos are shot on. This format can be very expensive, and it is by no means a requirement for video airplay.)

It is best not to shoot your master copy on VHS or DVD. Due to the compression of DVDs, a copy duplicated off of a DVD master does not look as good as a Beta Sp, DV Cam, Digi-Beta or D2 master. Another thing to note about DVD is that they have 4 speeds: XP, SP, LP and EP. If you are going to record or duplicate anything onto a DVD, make sure to use XP mode. XP is the highest quality in that 2 hours of recorded material will become 1 hour on a 4.7-gigabyte disc.

When you are ready for us to promote your video, we will provide you with a list that outlines which video formats are accepted at each network, show, retail video pool, and Internet streaming site.

What should I send to Replay Video Promotion?

  • A copy of your video on DVD
  • The lyrics to the song featured on your video
  • A copy of your latest CD
  • Your band’s bio
  • Your contact information

Mail to Replay Video Promotion
1129 Maricopa Hwy #238
Ojai, CA 93023

From there we can discuss the best way that we can promote your video.

Have any questions?
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