Mary Ann Heller with Andrew Heller (Social Media)
“Andrew is enjoying this so much we never had marketing before and the reason nothing was happening. He loves it thanks”

Dan O’Leary (Manager for Uncharted Shores) (Social Media)
“Wow thanks Sam! You guys are the best, Sean and I will keep you all posted as to our progress and hope to work with you again in the near future.”

Davey Meshell (from Neighborhood Bully’s) (Social Media)
“Great work Sam on the channel. Thank you. I can’t wait to add new ones.”

Uncharted Shores

We have exercised all of our options when it comes to promotional needs; it is extremely tough to find people as trustworthy and hardworking as the staff at Howard Rosen promotions. Its one thing to say that you can provide the needs of your customer, but it’s another thing when you go above and beyond like you have done.

KXRQ- Brandon

“Thanks for the hits as of late and for the artist interviews…we had ALOT of positive feedback on them. You all are awesome and should be proud of the great job you and your staff do…we appreciate all you do for us! “

Lee Heiman – Track Marketing Group

I have worked with Howie Rosen and his wonderfull team over the past two years in reference to their full service radio promotion. Howie and his team have managed to get my artists songs on radio and that’s the bottom line! Their ability to work with the artists and my management firm have exceeded our expectations. In obtaining radio play across the country,they are methodical in their approach, well organized, and accurate with station reporting every week. The have increased our fan base significantly and I would not dare go to to radio without them. A true pleasure to work with!

TODD McCARTY- GM- FEARLESS RECORDS (on their band Every Avenue charting)

We searched long and hard to find an independent radio promotion company to work Every Avenue’s single “Tell Me I’m A Wreck” to Top 40, and Howiewood’s team delivered. Howie and all the good people who work along side him have a clear and comprehensive grasp of the radio business. They have excellent relationships and are respected by all who know them, including Fearless Records.

John Thomas, Manager, TwinSpin Music

“Hi, Howie. I want to thank you for doing such a great job in charting Carmen & Camille’s single, Shine 4U. You exceeded our expectations, and we very much enjoyed working with the whole team at Howard Rosen Promotion.

I particularly appreciated the thorough and detailed weekly reporting. Also, your help, Jimi, was super with the radio support shows we played—Carmen & Camille had a blast performing at them. They made many new fans and industry contacts.

It just goes to show it is possible for an independent artist, without a major label involved, to have a successful radio campaign.

Let’s do it again!”