Please browse our array of professional services, designed to help break you into the music industry.  We’re available to discuss your goals anytime during normal business hours and look forward to each and every project we take on.

Since our success rests on your success, you can be sure our heart and soul goes into our clients as much as your heart and soul go into your craft.


And remember:

“If you don’t promote, a terrible thing happens. . . Nothing.” -Howard Rosen

Radio Promotion

Have your music promoted to over 700+ high-profile destinations in the music industry!

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Video Promotion

Get your music video played on today's hottest video outlets!

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Take Out Management

Take your career to the next level while our management team works to develop your brand and get you working!

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Social Media

Let our social media specialists kickstart your web presence into the modern age!

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CD Distribution

Do you have a CD ready for retail, but no way to get it there? We work closely with people that specialize in distributing product nationwide at both in store and web based retail outlets!

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CD Duplication

Are you having a hard time finding affordable manufacturing or duplication rates for your CD? We are affiliated with a CD manufacturing house that is able to duplicate or manufacture your CDs in small or large quantities for use in radio promotion campaigns or in distribution.

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Get your music radio ready with one of our top level, seasoned producers.

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Music Licensing

Get your music into TV Show, Movies, Commercials and More. Contact Tommy Dearth directly at

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Label Services

Do you want label service but don't have a label? Anything a label can do, Howard Rosen can do for you too.

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