Single: Epiphany

Honored for her prolific songwriting and ability to capture her viewers through the art of dance, Primadonna is a gift to the entertainment industry. She has trained all throughout her childhood and adult life in theatre, dance and song. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she moved to California at age 10. She’s been dreaming of pursuing a career in music since age 5. “All things have led to this point,” she states. Primadonna’s greatest passion is the performance aspect: releasing the story via music, dance and acting which began with a simple vision. Just as important to her, is an amazing hit that unifies and stirs the crowd to dance!! Her prolific style of music genre is the combination of trance and pop. Intelligently written and often too much for her hearers to comprehend are her mystifying lyrics revealing a new kind of work. She is the sole creator of her lyrics and develops her own melodies by ear. She enjoys taking part in the mixing process as well, finding it a necessity as she is led by her intuitive nature. Her influences are wide and varied; she lists Blondie, Shirley Temple, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Fred Astaire, Paula Abdul, The Beatles, David Coury, and the Light of God. Primadonna declares that her biggest accomplishment to date is “charting the course for my music to be produced/heard on a wider scale. Believing in myself, the impact my dream could have on others and letting nothing hold me back.”

Primadonna is also a music video artist and the prime visionary/producer. She is a dedicated writer/blogger seeking to induce the best within her fans and followers. You can discover her thoughts and even more about issues regarding the approaching end times. When not in the studio, Primadonna can be found at the mall, the theatre or at Starbucks reliving her best vacation ever in Amsterdam. And a few times a year she takes a break to slow down and celebrate Christmas and Feast of Purim.

Primadonna was asked for one final thought she’d like to share: “The Light Speaks.”



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